Saturday, 18 March 2017

Love -Color- Burst

Hello everyone !  
Its Roshni here and its the first post on my blog and i am super exited and today we have the really talented Rashmi Tater with us sharing her beautiful creation with a tutorial, so grab your supplies and start creating 

  Hi friends
so its my first post here and when Roshni sent me this awesome bag of goodies comprising stencils and lovely set of chippies i was too suspicious about my self that will i ever use them ! lol! trust me they were so super gorgeous and not like those i have seen before .I highly recommend these awesome chippies .

But then i had to use them at least for u guys ,thus today I'm on the blog sharing some colorful awesomeness 

Don't we all love the holi festival and the month of march <3  ! It's my favorite ....

Filled with colors ! Romance ! Delight ! Awesome food and splatters of water and Color everywhere . Plus everyone seems to be in a happy go lucky mood which I love . 

So inspired by this and all the gorgeous chippies Roshni  has sent me I made a wall decor using loads of COlor , splatter and shimmer ! 

so here are the pictures :

" love "

Steps :

Firstly cover the 2 heart bases with gesso and headset them until dry .

Stencil the base with chevron squares stencil 

And smaller hear base with multiple hearts stencil then headset set them once dry stick them .

Then spray paint the Mdf and sprinkle some sparkling dust to add dimension to it and stick it to your project .add a sentiment similarly ( I used love ) 

Using colorsplash splatter colors of ur choice and sprinkle dust simultaneously 

Mix water in the guesso and unsing a paintbrush splatter color all over . 

Use 3d clay and inka gold to highlight the edges of the heart and the chippies . 

Tada ! U r done ! Left with Colored hands though 😋

hope u liked the tutorial .

Supplies Used : 

chippies from Niro craft 
Stencil from Niro craft 
 Dress my craft sparkling dust 
Mdf base 
Color splash 
Texture paste
Soft 3d pipeable clay (u can use collage clay )

the picture of the goodies i revived : 


Don't forget to drop ur love below if u liked the project 💕